Gallows Etiquette Set – Make Your Own Haiku, Baby!

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Gallows Etiquette Set – Make Your Own Haiku, Baby!

Cameron McGill's released his sixth full length recording in October of 2013, "Gallows Etiquette." The artwork for the release was produced in late 2012 and eventually became a part of the recording's vinyl and CD packaging.

6 limited sets of Gallows' artwork and notes are now available for purchase. These are exact reproductions of my production notes along with the official 'haiku' illustration story that is used throughout Cameron's beautiful and dark "Gallows Etiquette" release.

> First run edition, only 6 sets exist:
(3) 12.5" x 12.5" prints in each set.
> Numbered, signed, shipped flat, sealed, and insured.
Shipping and Handling is added during checkout:
> S&H: UPS Ground for Domestic Orders (United State) = $12.00
> S&H: UPS Global Orders* = $45.00

NOTE: The archival ink prints should not be exposed to moisture, drafts, etc. They are shipped sealed and should remain sealed until you frame.

Questions, please contact me at [email protected]
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