Children Playing Under Truck — Original Art: Sketch book Series

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Children Playing Under Truck — Original Art:  Sketch book Series

"Children Playing Under Truck"
Original ink on paper, straight from my studio sketch book.
Featured in the published book, "Believe" by Rkfdnews.
5.5" x 7.5"
Ships flat, sealed, signed.
S&H fee is extra: $5 Domestic / $12.50 International
NOTE: These are originals and have working paper marks. Keep sealed and away from moisture until framed.

Original Sketch Book Art Series:

I've decided to make some of my sketch book ideas from the last few decades available to purchase. Some of these ideas became something else, something final for someone else, some didn't proceed past the pages of my books. "I wonder what it's like to roam around your head." After hearing that directed at me in good and bad contexts, I figured it was time to sell some of my worst ideas. Sadly, no one but family and specific creative friends deserves the good stuff as of 2017. It's America and too many of you have let me down on a repeat basis. Do I need more proof than pointing to the recent election? Y'all some dumb mother fuckers. You don't deserve better. I'll decide when to sell the good stuff at inflated prices— right before I die, right before you cheap-assed America fuck mother fuckers sell my work on ebay. Greedy fucks. FRIED CHICKEN! < Hashtag that, you spineless cons (Rockford Art Deli, etc.).

Thank you for reading this on the internet. I hope it was everything you expected to feel for free,


Andy Whorehall and Dave DeCastris